Custom Fabrication

W.R. Benjamin Products Ltd. (tradename - Benjamin Heating Products) is located at 166 Junction Road in Springhill, Nova Scotia.

Utilizing a small, highly trained workforce we have evolved from a modest beginning serving the mobile home market in Eastern Canada, Today where our products are installed and used in all parts of Canada. We are known for our quality residential heating products in consumer circles, and our metal ammunition container in military circles. We are now establishing a name for ourselves in business and manufacturing circles with our quality custom metal fabrication.

Our company would be most interested in discussing and quoting on requirements for metal fabricated products in the range of thickness from 22 GA material down thru to 1/4" thick material.

We would be comfortable in both a contract and sub-contract mode, depending on the product requirements.






An integrated 5 station Teksoft cad/cam system that supports our CNC 72 station punch, CNC milling machine, and CNC plasma cutting system.



  • Promecam - Cap. 1/4" x 10'
  • Brown Boggs - Cap. 1/16" x 4'


  • 50 ton CNC Amada 72 station turret
  • Wiedeman 18 station turret
  • Various other up to 90 ton


  • 90 ton Promecam - cap. 1/8" x 8'
  • 60 ton Brown Boggs - cap. 1/8" x 4'
  • 30 ton Brown Boggs - cap. 1/16" x 4'
  • Various lock forming equipment with Multi-Rolls
  • Various punch presses up to 150 tons capacity.


  • Manual spray system using HVLP with stand alone roll in - roll out bake oven (8' x 4' x 6').


  • 5 Axis CNC Devilbiss welding robot with 450 Amp power source and refrigerated torch -270° x 4' envelope
  • Semi-automatic mig welding up to 600 Amps
  • Various spot welding.
  • Stick welding up to 450 amps.


  • CNC plasma cutting system with 100 Amp Power source - 4' x 12' table
  • Portable plasma cutting system - 50Amp


  • Various - capacity to 1/4" x 6'


  • Honeywell multi point recorder capable of 24
    simultaneous temperature measurement up to 1700 F.


Sample list of products manufactured at our facility:

XC42 Metal Ammunition containers · Complete refurbishment of M19A1, M2A1, XC42 and M548 metal ammunition containers · Nursing home beds · Bedside cabinets · 42", 60" and 90" power correction factor cabinets · Capacitor boxes · Control consoles · Metal frame components for mini homes · Metal bed components · Stainless chutes, hoppers, tables · Steel components for federal institutions

Sample list of customers:

Canadian Military · Seaman Cross Ltd. · Aerovox Ltd. · Surfline Engineering · General Eastern Home · Corcan · Ropak Can Am · Simpson Installations