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Balanced Flue System


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A Fine Balance

When it comes to venting systems, balance is the key. Benjamin offers the value and flexibility of a balanced venting system PLUS innovative design for high performance.

What is a Balanced Flue System?

A balanced flue system draws air from the outside to fuel your burner, while expelling exhaust fumes from the combustion chamber. The incoming air is balanced with the amount of air being expelled.

Benjamin’s Balanced Flue Advantage

Chimneys are expensive to build, maintain and repair, and require space you may not have. Benjamin’s Balanced Flue is less expensive, more flexible and low maintenance. The vent terminal is positioned on an exterior wall and requires zero clearance from combustibles. There are no fans, no moving parts to repair and the system is easily serviced.

When it comes to efficiency, the Benjamin Balanced Flue performs beautifully, cleanly and safely. Traditional boilers use air from inside the house – you experience the chill of watching your heating dollars go up the chimney! Our Balanced Flue conserves energy by drawing air from outside and pre-heating it through our pipe-within-a-pipe system. Because the system is completely enclosed, there is no chance of exhaust gases escaping into your home.

BF_end_cap.jpgThe Benjamin Balanced Flue is installed on an outside wall. Air is taken in from outdoors through a bottom vent (A) in the coaxial pipe. Exhaust is vented outside through a cone (B) that propels it away from the house.

The Benjamin Balanced Flue system is designed to be installed either perpendicular or parallel to the floor joists. It is certified to be installed within a joist cavity as long as minimum and maximum distances are observed. This compact design eliminates the need for the contractor to cut out the first or second floor joist.

The Ultimate Combination:
Benjamin’s OB1000 Oil Boiler Complete with Balanced Flue

  • Riello high efficiency burner; up to 87% seasonal efficiency
  • Extended output range: 91,000 – 153,600 btu
  • Compact design maximizes valuable floor space
  • 20-year limited warranty on unit